Trapezius Muscle Spasm—Pain Relief 1

Patients Report Pain Reduction
Immediately Within Treatment Sessions
Trapezius Muscle Spasm 1

"My sore back was killing my golf game. After using the sam® Sport for about a week, my club head speed returned, my distance off the tee greatly improved, and I am hitting more greens and overall playing a great deal better. I was comfortable using the device the moment I opened the box, and I am now able to play on consecutive days without the debilitating pain I use to have."

Kellen Winslow Sr. 
Pro Football Hall of Fame (San Diego Chargers)

Patients with acute pain caused by trapezius muscle spasms experienced immediate pain relief from a single, one-hour sam® Sport treatment session. They reported a 15% improvement in the severity of pain they were experiencing, approximately twice the effect observed in the control group.

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