How sam® Sport Works1  

The Biological Effects on Soft-Tissue:

sam® Sport is clinically proven multi-hour therapy to activate the following mechanisms of action in tissue to facilitate soft-tissue recovery:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygenated hemoglobin
  • Stimulate angiogenesis and new blood vessel development
  •  Increase collagen lay-down in connective tissue
  • Increase nutrient transfer to injured tissues to aid in recovery

To learn more about the basic science behind sam® Sport download the peer-reviewed review article here.

1. Best TM. Low Intensity Ultrasound for Promoting Soft Tissue Healing: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Medical Technology. Internal Medicine Review. 2016

 How Deep and Broad the Therapeutic Effect Covers:

sam® Sport provides continuous ultrasonic-waves that penetrate up to 5-cm into the tissue and approximately the diameter of a Baseball: 3MHz and 0.65 Watts/Applicator (Energy Density 0.132 Watts/cm2 per Applicator).