Osteoarthritis—Pain Relief and Function 1,2

Pain Relief Grows with Regular Therapy and Joint Function Improves
Osteoarthritis 1,2,3

Ultrasound therapy, according to the Cochrane Review, is clinically effective and covered under most insurance plans for Osteoarthritis pain management. In multiple clinical trials, sam® Sport daily wearable multi-hour ultrasound therapy has been proven clinically effective on reducing pain and improving function of patients suffering from moderate to sever Osteoarthritis. When applied  during normal daily activity, patients experience 39% to 51% pain reduction in the treated joint. 

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In one randomized placebo controlled clinical trail on knee Osteoarthritis, treatment of patients with moderate- to severe pain with sam® Sport (four hours per day, daily for six weeks) resulted in a 39% reduction in pain levels, compared to only a 17% decrease in pain in the control group (p<0.05).  

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